Chelmer Valley High School

In 1975 Chelmer Valley High School was formed by the amalgamation of Broomfield County Secondary School and Chelmsford Technical High School under the headship of Mr. Cooper. The school existed on the two sites for two years and then in September 1977 it was consolidated on the Broomfield site, in modified and enlarged premises. Mr Cooper retired as headmaster at Easter 1980, his successor being Mr. Richardson who had been a deputy head since the formation of the new school in 1975. Mr. Richardson retired in 1985 to be succeeded by Mrs. Marsham, who in turn retired in 1992, to be followed by Mr. Franklin who retired in 2014.  Mr Franklin was succeeded by Mrs Goodchild, the current head teacher.

Mr. Cooper designed the logo which shows water - a reference to the river Chelmer and the swan comes from the coat of arms of a local family.

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Chelmer Valley High
Chelmer Valley High
Quadrangle Covered Way
Chelmer Valley High